List of top 10 light up shoes and Led sneakers for kids and adults

With the innovation in technology, wearing shoes has become an exciting experience. Light up shoes are gradually becoming more and more sought after by the young generation. If your child is longing for a nice pair of light up footwear than this list can be of much help to you. From a plethora of options, we have picked up these ten best-LED shoes which will be loved by each member of your family.

10. COODO LED Shoes:
These shoes have an upper body made up of woven fabric and a durable rubber sole. The woven fabric is breathable and keeps your feet dry throughout the day and the rubber sole provides friction to enhance foot grip. Its pull-up laces help to fit the feet snugly in the shoes. Moreover, it has a USB compatible charger which makes the light-up fun last for 7 to 8 hours when fully charged. However, the most fascinating feature is the use of 7 vibrant colors in 11 different modes of light.

9. TUTUYU LED Shoes:
These shoes go along well with both kids and adult feet. These are made up of fabric and leather and have a wide range of colors to choose from. These shoes have a rubber outsole along with an addition of midsole for extra comfort. These shoes have 7 colors and a myriad of light modes to add flavor to your footwear. The most beneficial feature is a short charging time of 2 to 3 hours and a long battery life of about 11 hours.

8. Remote-controlled Ditont LED Flashing Sneakers:
These sparkling sneakers are adored by a lot of kids from different age groups due to its versatile range of 16 colors out of which 4 color changes are dynamic. It has adjustable velcro straps along with pull up laces that provide better fitting. The thing that sets these apart from other LED shoes is that they feature a remote which controls the functioning and lightning modes.

7. GreatJoy Cool Fun Light up LED Shoes:
These high-quality shoes are made up of leather which guarantees its longevity. These shoes possess 7 vivid LED lights that show 11 flashing patterns. Moreover, a fancy LED strip is placed in the midsole of the shoe which gives them a more funky look. The sole is made up of rubber which provides shock absorption and traction. These shoes provide style and comfort to the wearer.
6. WaltZon LED Flashing Sneaker Shoes:
This comfortable to put on a shoe is made up of polyurethane leather and has 11 lighting modes. It can be charged by a double USB charge cable and its charging time is 3 hours after which the colorful LED's work for 11 hours so that you can enjoy your event without any problem. Different sizes and colors are available to make your performance perfect on any occasion.
5. ANLUKE Kids High Top LED Shoes:
The body is made up of PU leather which has perforations in the vamp for passage of air which keeps the feet dry and comfortable. The rubber soles provide ample traction for stability. There are 11 light modes that can be changed by a hidden button that alternated the colors and patterns of the light. You can also turn the lights off by pressing the button for 3 seconds if you want to save battery for later use. It is an energy-efficient and affordable option.

4. Fashion High-Top Shoes LED Light Up Sneakers:
These composting material of these shoes is a mix of leather and fabric. These are quite flexible and lightweight so that they provide comfort to the feet of the wearer. Moreover, their interior is soft and smooth which feels nice to the feet. They have bright and vibrant built-in lights that become visible even from a distance. They have long battery life and a fancy look.

3. Skeleton fashion Flashing Sneakers:
These light up shoes show a metallic luster which makes them more fashionable. The upper part is made up of shiny PU leather which is waterproof. These shoes also have the feature to change the lighting patterns. In addition to the charging port, a hidden switch button is also present which is used to change the modes of the lights. It can be charged by connecting to a USB cable. The color mixture and the comfortability of the shoe make it perfect for functions and performances.

2. BEST LED Girls and Boys Casual Sneakers:
These shoes are the best choice for kids and funky adults because these are the most glittery and flamboyant of all the shoes. There are seven solid color LEDs- purple, light blue, green, blue, red and light green. There are four flashing variations too. The body of the shoe is made up of fabric but gives a leathery and metallic look. These are available in three glittery colors-shimmering gold, shining silver, and metallic pink.

1. American Flag High Top LED Sneakers:
These are the most trendy pair of shoes for your loved ones as they give perks of both glitzy lights and stylish designs with American Flag Printed on it. They are enjoyed by kids and adults alike and also by both girls and boys. The outer material is of PU leather and the sole is made up of rubber. It has 11 different Light options and a hidden on-off switch for convenience. On top of everything, these shoes have two absolutely adorable designs to choose from- stars and stripes design and winged shoe design. All in all, it is the best pair of shoes to buy for any of your loved ones.